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Digital Transformation of Retail Enterprises Is Imperative C Level Executive List

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2022 3:35 am
by kamrul9090
Compared with SARS in 2003, this epidemic is more contagious but less lethal. The government has responded faster and has more experience. However, due to the increase in the urban rate C Level Executive List and the increasingly developed transportation infrastructure, the scale of population flow is about six times that of 2003. With the addition of the factor of returning home during the Spring Festival, the new crown virus covers more cities. At the same time, in order to avoid C Level Executive List large-scale population movements and gatherings, prevention and control measures such as home isolation and extension of the Spring Festival holiday have been adopted, which have a greater impact on the manufacturing and service industries. 2020 Retail Industry C Level Executive List Trend Outlook | Digital Transformation of Retail Enterprises is Imperative 1.2 The market environment difference between the new crown epidemic and the 2003 SARS epidemic in the retail industry 2020 Retail Industry Trend Outlook | Digital Transformation of Retail Enterprises is Imperative 1.3 Social retail growth suffers short-term setbacks, and consumer confidence is expected to recover quickly In 2003, the growth rate of total retail sales showed a "V-shaped" trend.

With the effective control of the epidemic, a rebound C Level Executive List trend appeared in June. It is expected that the new crown epidemic will have a greater short-term impact on the retail market. It is expected that the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods in the first quarter of 2020 will further slow down, and the impact on C Level Executive List the whole year will depend on the recovery of the epidemic consumer market. The epidemic is only a short-term restriction on consumption, and the trend of structural upgrading will not change. Therefore, the market for non-rigid demand C Level Executive List categories such as shoes, clothing and beauty will be under short-term pressure, and the health-related health care market will benefit in the long-term. 2020 Retail Industry Trend Outlook | Digital C Level Executive List Transformation of Retail Enterprises is Imperative 2. What changes has the epidemic brought to retail business? 2.1 The overall e-commerce business was hit by a short-term impact, and various platforms issued policies to stimulate growth According to data from Analysys Qianfan, under the influence of the epidemic, users' demand for anti-epidemic materials caused a slight decrease in the monthly activity data of e-commerce in January.

The downward trend of monthly active data continued to expand. Hand Tao has driven a small growth by vigorously promoting live broadcasts on the site. Suning has grown against the trend by connecting to the C Level Executive List Carrefour Daojia business and continuing to make efforts to buy together. According to Oteo data monitoring, online retail sales in January showed a year-on-year and month-on-month decline in varying degrees, and online retail sales were affected in the short term. In order to reduce the loss C Level Executive List of settled merchants, e-commerce platforms have launched measures to support merchants in various aspects such as capital, logistics, and tool use, which in disguised form drives the growth of the platform. 2020 Retail Industry Trend Outlook | Digital Transformation of Retail Enterprises is Imperative 2.2 The outbreak of fresh food e-commerce in vertical fields, operational challenges will still exist for a long time During the C Level Executive List epidemic, in response to the government's call for "less gatherings and less going out", the number of fresh food e-commerce users has grown explosively, and it has also exposed manufacturers' shortcomings in transportation capacity and supply chain.